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***Fantasea Line is now in association with Manta Dive and has made us an authorized dealer. Which means you can purchase any of their products including underwater housings, lenses, and lighting through me!***

I started using the FRX100V housing the day I upgraded from a GoPro to my current camera the Sony RX100 V. I tested a number of housings my colleagues had available including Meikon, Nauticam, and Fantasea.

When researching housings I looked at every housing on the market. Here are the reasons I made the choice to buy Fantasea Line:

  • Security: By far the most important. I have seen too many cameras flood to let this happen to me. The housings have a double O-ring seal with a moisture alarm. I’ve taken mine over 300 hours underwater with no issues.
  • Price: Obviously a big one. Like most other dive professionals I am on a budget. These housings offer extremely good value. 
  • Functionality: If I am not able to control every button on the camera then I am limiting my potential. I had a look at some other big housing manufactures, most of them limit use of control rings on the camera making it very hard to adjust settings like iso, aperture, and shutterspeed quickly and easily. 
  • Feel: How does it feel in your hand? Button layout, finger grips, ease of use. The size and ergonimics of the housing just feel good to hold on to. The housing provides a sturdy grip and its easy to use with one hand if the other hand is busy adjusting strobes, video lights, or (for me) other divers!
  • Appearance: I mean lets face it. I am going to be holding this thing for countless hours underwater and on the surface. The housing has got to look cool. Black finish with the clear back plate looks sleek. No brightly colored buttons to make it look like a childs toy makes Fantasea Line a clear winner. 
Fantasea Line FRX100V Underwater Housing

Why Me??

Why should you make your purchase through me and not the other website you are looking at? Well first off you would be supporting my underwater photography instead of a random big name website! But if thats not enough (it probably wouldn’t be for me either) here are a few more reasons:

FREE shipping to anywhere in the world.

  •  With multiple warehouses around the world shipping is fast. I will provide tracking numbers for every order so you can track its progress.
  • Competitive pricing with any authorized dealer. 
  • Secure payment via PayPal. No need to worry about products not arriving or handing out credit card details to random websites. 
  •  Everything purchased is straight from the factory. No chance of buying imitation items or fakes of any products!

Extra benefits:

In addition to the logistics what I am offering more than any website is my knowledge as an underwater photographer. IF you make the decision to purchase from me I will personally work with you to set up your camera and housing so that it is optimized for underwater photography.

  1. Camera Settings: Get the most out of your camera in different shooting environments
    1. Iso, Aperture, Shutter Speed
    2. Button presets
    3. White balance
  1. Photography: Workshop on photos and videos
    1. Send the photo or video to me and I will work with you and critique it so we can improve on angles, sun, and exposure.
  2. Editing: How to post process your content
    1. I can provide tutorials on how to efficiently and effectively edit your photos with Lightroom, Photoshop, or Premiere. 
    2. Upon request I will edit your photo and show you the settings which I believe are best. 

Bottom line

So if at some point in the future you decide to take your underwater photography to the next level remember to look me up! The benefits of what I am offering is more than any other authorized dealer will do. 

You get someone who is diving every day with the equipment who is testing and trying new things as your personal advisor to improve your own underwater photography.

If you have any questions on what products are offered by Fantasea Line feel free to contact me. Or check out & for more information on the available products.

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